How I Went On Vacation and Kept It "Clean"

January 15, 2018

 Anyone who's known me for years, knows my family travels a lot.  We love to go on vacations and are blessed to be able to travel quite frequently and to many places across the world.  We have family in Europe so we travel there every other year, we visit Turks & Caicos yearly, we ski in Colorado every winter, and takes additional trips throughout the year.  We love visiting new places, having adventures as a family and making memories.  My husband and I hope our kids will always remember the fun vacations we take and will share their love of adventure with their own families.


We recently took a weeklong vacation with friends to Colorado to go skiing.  Since I have a lot of food intolerances, traveling is always a little stressful and takes a lot of planning.  Many people use vacation as an opportunity to eat whatever they want and enjoy themselves.  There is nothing wrong with that but for me, that's not an option so I pack a lot of food and snacks so I'm never wondering where my next clean meal will come from.  I thought I would share here what I typically pack on vacation and how I maintain a clean lifestyle while traveling.


As for food, breakfast is usually the hardest meal to work around while traveling.  Most restaurants have eggs, pancakes, yogurt, fruit, etc. as options and, for me, none of that will work.  At home I only eat ground turkey, bison, bacon, etc. and various vegetables for breakfast which is hard to find.  At the particular hotel we stayed at in Colorado, they had an omelette station at the breakfast buffet so I asked the chef to saute a variety of vegetables for me in olive oil, added some bacon or smoked salmon and one or two slices of fruit...the perfect breakfast.  I traveled with my own coconut oil creamer and coconut milk so I could have my cup of coffee as well.  For lunch and dinner, I carried my "Food Restrictions" card and made sure both the server and chef understood my needs.  I usually order whatever fish is on the menu and I ask for it to be grilled or sauteed in olive oil and vegetables on the side with a wedge of lemon or balsamic vinegar for seasoning.  I have never been to a restaurant (not fast food) that didn't accomodate my requests.  


I always make-ahead and pack extra food just in case.  I make meatballs, energy bites or protein bars, something sweet like salted caramel collagen bites, homemade cookies, etc. so I always have a variety of extra treats.  I also pack beef sticks, plantain chips, packs of tuna and anything else I can carry in my purse for snacking on the plane or in my hotel room.  The key is to be prepared and never let yourself get hungry.  You don't want to be starving when you get to dinner only to find a big basket of fresh baked bread sitting on the table.  I usually eat something small before leaving for a restaurant to ensure I'm not starving while everyone else digs into the bread.  Again, planning ahead.


My husband and I also make sure we stay active on vacations.  We always bring workout clothes and shoes and will go for a walk, run or use the workout facilities at the hotel.  Even if it's for 20 minutes, that's enough to get a little sweat in and keep our bodies moving which really helps process the excess food from eating out so much.  I find the more I sit around, the more my system gets backed up and I begin to feel miserable.  I try to keep moving and keep it scheduled into our trip plans.


One last tip that I can't stress enough is to DRINK WATER!  I know everyone says it all the time but it is crucial when traveling, especially by plane.  Air travel can be dehydrating and can disrupt your digestion and cause stomach issues and irritability...bad for vacation!  I highly encourage you to invest in a high pH water to help detoxify your body and flush impurities.  My husband and I have a routine that as soon as we pass through airport security, we head to the gift shop and get the biggest bottle of water we can find and we drink it during our flight.  We also find a place to stock up on good bottled water for our hotel room and make sure to finish several bottles a day...I promise you it's worth the money!


I'm not writing this post to ruin your vacation, stress you out about everything you should be doing while traveling or take the fun out of your trip.  I simply want everyone to realize how easy it is to stay on course during your vacation just by planning ahead.  I always hear people complaining they have to "lose the 10 pounds I gained on vacay" and that really doesn't have to be the case if you pack a few clean snacks, move your body and stay hydrated.  My  husband and I enjoy wine and good food when we travel and love every minute of it but we do our best to balance it out by making smart choices and putting our health first.  I encourage you to do the same!  Safe Travels!










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