What is Hollistic Living?

February 7, 2018


What is "Hollistic Living"?   It is not a new concept, yet many people are unclear about its meaning.   When used in reference to our health, hollistic refers to the mind-body-spirit connection, the wellness of all of our interconnected parts and aspects working towards the health of our entire selves.  In the simplest terms, it means to live everyday with the intention of improving overall health, with more joy, and a stronger mindset.  This can mean something different to everyone but for me, I have tried to adopt a hollistic way of life as much as I can but without adding stress to my life.  


To many people, trying to live hollistically can make them feel pressured to be perfect or stretch them outside of their comfort zone.  That is definitely not a healthy way of life or the correct mindset.  Making changes to your lifestyle should feel empowering, give you confidence and bring you joy.  So how can you work towards a more hollistic lifestyle without feeling pressured to be "perfect"?


1. Make Gradual Changes To Your Diet

There's that word again...Diet...I hate that word.  I only use it here for lack of another term but I really mean making changes to your daily eating plan.  Does that mean you have to go organic, paleo, keto, no carb, etc. overnight?  Of course not, none of those concepts are necessary nor do they need to be adapted overnight.  I simply mean making improvements in your eating wherever you can and it's different for everyone.  One of the biggest dietary changes is reading labels.  You would be shocked at the ingredients in pre-packaged foods if you really pay attention.  For the most part, you should recognize or at least be familiar with most ingredients.  If you don't know what it is and can't pronounce it, you probably don't want to put it in your body.  Foods with the least amount of ingredients are usually best.  I also recommend adding organic produce wherever you can.  I understand organic can be more expensive so maybe incorporate it for certain foods like strawberries, grapes, apples, lettuce and tomatoes.  Those are some of the foods with the highest pesticide levels.  I also recommend grass-fed, pasture raised meats and wild caught seafood.  You can look for these options at your local farmer's market or CSA.  I encourage you to look at the water you are drinking.  Make sure it's filtered and has a high pH level.  Again, make dietary changes in areas you feel comfortable with so as not to add stress to your body or mental state.


2. Look At Your Skincare, Make-up, and Grooming Products

 You would be shocked at how many toxins are in our everyday skin/beauty products.  There are approx. 1400 ingredients that are banned in other countries and only about 50 are banned here in the US...ridiculous!  Fortunately, there is an increasing amount of "safe" companies out there making high quality products that are free of toxins and work great.  I have a blog post about some of my favorites...Click the pic below.

 You will find most of these non-toxic products have excellent price points and work just as effectively as most products you're currently using.  Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies.  If you wouldn't eat it, why would you put it on your skin???


3. Practice a Positive Mindset

This one can be tough for me at times.  It's not that I'm a negative person but when life throws punches at me, I sometimes struggle to keep my mind positive.  (Luckily, I have a husband and kids who inspire me daily and give me all the happiness I need).  Life is full of ups and downs and that will always be the case.  We are all running in a million directions, trying to accomplish too much and putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves.  Sometimes we have to step back, breathe, and learn to enjoy life a little more.  I recently started a Gratitude Journal where I write down 4-5 positive highlights of each day.   Even when I think I've had a bad day, I can always find a few moments of the day that were good and I try to focus on those.  You'd be shocked at how many blessings we have in our daily lives, you just have to focus on the positive!


4. Focus On Positive Relationships

It can be hard to keep a positive mindset if you're surrounded by toxic relationships.  Unfortunately, we can't always control who we are around especially if you're dealing with negative people at work, in your marriage or in your family.  If you have toxic friendships, it's time to re-evaluate that relationship and decide whether it's bringing joy or negativity to your life.  If you find yourself surrounded by a person who's constantly negative or complaining, maybe say to them "Now tell me something positive".  That might help them realize how negative they have become and maybe you'll inspire them to change their mindset.  The best you can do is to be enthusiastic, encouraging and positive and maybe you'll spread that joy to others.  It's okay to be selective with your friendships and only choose healthy relationships.


5. Practice Self-Care

As a wife and mother, I find this hard at times...taking care of myself.  This can mean something different to every person but for me, I am usually busy taking care of my family, scheduling appointments, being a "mom uber", and taking care of the daily household stuff and sometimes put myself on the back burner.  There are times when all I can think about is taking a bath but I put too many other things first or instead of having lunch with a friend, I put laundry and vet appointments first.  My point is that it's okay to set some time aside for yourself.  Maybe tell your family you are reserving an hour alone to do your nails and give yourself a facial or sit on the porch and read a book.  It's important to get some "me time" which can help rejuvenate your mind and body.  If you aren't healthy, you can't take care of others, perform at work or live life to your best ability!


These are just a few of my tips to "Living a Hollistic Lifestyle".  By no means do I have it all together or live a perfect life...who does???  I hope maybe one of these tips might resonate with you and you can feel inspired to change at least one aspect of your life.  We don't have to live a "perfect" life but can constantly make improvements in our everyday living to help us gain a more hollistic mindset.







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