Do You Get Regular Massages?

February 16, 2018


That is a really important question...Do you?  My husband and I just got back from a Pre-Valentine's weekend getaway in Las Vegas and I had one of the best massages I've ever had!  I take that seriously because we get frequent massages and I sort of consider myself a connoisseur of massages.  Now, I am very picky...I only like deep tissue, hard pressure and therapeutic massages.  If I'm going to lie still for an hour or more, I need the therapist to get busy and get to work on all of my issues and that can take awhile!!!  I actually prefer a 90 minute or 2 hour massage (because it takes that long to hit all of my "hot spots") but will take whatever I can get.  My husband and I always make it a point on every vacation we take to get a massage but we also have an incredible therapist who comes to our house on a regular basis.  We look at massages as an investment in our health and well-being and we work it into our monthly budget and often treat our kids to a 30 minute massage if they are in the middle of a heavy sports season.  We see it as physical therapy for all of us.


If you're not familiar with the benefits of massage, here are a few...

  • It relieves stress (even everyday stress)

  • Reduces tension in the muscles (a result of everyday stress)

  • Boosts immune function (we all need that)

  • Eases muscle pain (so important for my hubby and I since we're runners)

  • Improves joint mobility (so important the older we get)

  • Stimulates movement of the lymphatic fluid (it's important to keep the lymphatic system moving)

  • Speeds healing of soft tissue injuries (for athletes or anyone who works out)

  • Boosts immune function (no one want to get sick)

  • Improves sleep quality (especially important as we age)

I hope this helps you understand the importance of massage.  Do you have to do it every week or every month?  Of course not!  The important thing to remember is to listen to your body and if you feel tight, like your posture is slipping, your unusually sore, have pulled muscles, etc...then go treat yourself to a massage!  You can find a reasonably-priced therapist at most massage spas but I encourage you to talk to them about your issues and make sure they understand your expectations such as how deep the pressure is, what areas you need focus on, what areas you want them to stay away from, how comfortable you are with the areas they touch, etc.  Be vocal about what you want from the session because every therapist works in a different way.  


Most importantly, treat not only your body but also your mind to a massage.  Your body needs pampering and you totally deserve it!!  Be good to your body and it will be good to you!!

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