My Latest Health Update

April 2, 2018


Hey everyone!  I realize I haven't posted lately about my health situation...there's really not much to post.


Last time I checked in I was starting acupuncture and I'm still going.  I've noticed a slight difference in my Fibromyalgia pain...the severity of the pain has decreased but it's still always there.  As far as my stomach pain and bloating, I haven't experience any relief in symptoms but I'm forever keeping my fingers crossed!


The one thing acupuncture has taught me is patience and faith.  I have so many pain issues that I literally look like a pin cushion during my session...she puts needles in my head, face, all over my stomach, arms, hands, legs and's really crazy!  Once she is done inserting the needles (and, yes, some of them have become painful when inserted), I have to lie there for 20 minutes and I have to work really hard to relax my mind and body so the process can go to work.  Acupuncture is meant to open your energy channels, release the flow and bring out your inner "chi".  I have no idea what that means but I know going into a state of total relaxation is extremely beneficial and, for me, that is a really difficult level to achieve.  Once she turns out the lights and leaves me alone to "take a nap", I find my mind running my "to do" lists, thinking of my next recipe creation, planning the laundry, household duties and errands for the afternoon, etc.  It's really hard to turn the brain off.  Now, after about 8 sessions, I am getting better about putting myself in a state of full relaxation.  Sometimes, I can even relax enough to fall asleep and, hey, who doesn't love a mid-day nap???


Anyways, acupuncture has been wonderful for working on my state of relaxation and chronic pain so I will continue to go.  As for the gut issues, I'm back at square one but today, I had my first appointment via phone with one of the best Functional Medicine clinics in the US.  In only a 30 minute phone call, I felt hope that I might get answers!  I told the doctor's assistant my health history and she said she will talk to the dr. and they will order a ton of tests to be run...extensive blood panel, stool tests, breath tests, metal toxicity, Lyme, etc...the full works!  I've never been more excited about having so many tests done.  After the tests are run which will take several weeks, I will then take a trip to see the doctor in person to get the diagnosis and game plan for treatment.  Fingers crossed they find something so I can get some answers.  I would appreciate any and all prayers and will definitely post when I know something!


Have a great week my friends!

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