"My Favorite Things" Mother's Day Gifts

May 14, 2018


Happy Mother's Day to all of my Mom friends out there!  I have always loved Mother's Day...even more than my birthday.  Not only do I get to celebrate being a Mom (my greatest blessing), my kids are super nice to me, I get pampered and also get to spend the day with both my Mom and my mom-in-law.  I'm super blessed to have the best Mom ever and an absolutely wonderful mom-in-law...I got lucky!  Both of these ladies inspire me everyday, have taught me so much about being a mom and raising kids, and shower my kids with unconditional love and spend so much time with them.  


When it comes to Mother's Day gifts, I always try to be creative.  Sure, I've given them spa days, gift cards to to their favorite stores, or cute house decor, but I try to change it up.  This year, I was stumped as to what to get them and then I had a thought...I decided to make them a basket of "My Favorite Things".  I spent several weeks gathering all of my favorite beauty, household, cooking and everyday items and was so excited to share these products with them.  The baskets ended up being a huge success and both moms were excited to try some new products so I decided to share these items with all of you...

***(Click on the picture for the link to purchase each item)


This Adaptive Body Moisturizer from Beauty Counter is a new product and now my favorite full body

lotion.  I use it everyday after I shower and it is extremely moisturizing and not at all greasy.



 I'm super picky about make-up remover and find them either too drying or too greasy...this one solved my problem.  I love this Pure Calm Cleansing Milk and it's perfect to use at night to remove make-up, dirt and impurities from my skin.  It's very nourishing and doesn't leave my face feeling tight.



 I have talked about this product on my blog before and constantly on Instagram because I'm pretty much obsessed with it.  This Matcha Moisture Stick from Cocokind is one of the best products I've used and the best for moisturizing any area.  I coat it under my eyes everyday...several times a day!  It's so great for reducing circles, relieving dry skin, soothing sunburns, lip balm, etc.  You can buy it on their website, Amazon or at Whole Foods.  I have several sticks and keep them not only in my bathroom, but also in my gym bag and I travel with it wherever I go.



I have been using Primally Pure Natural Deodorant for over a year and love it!  I wasn't sure if my mom(s) would want to switch to natural deodorant but I wanted to introduce them to Primally Pure products because I love several items they offer.  This starter kit includes deodorant, lip balm (I use it all the time), body butter which is amazing and their everything spray which is awesome.  This starter kit gives them a nice variety of Primally Pure products and the kit can be customized with the scents that fit their individual tastes.



  I have shared here before how much I love Amara Marie products (see my blog post here) so I wanted to give my mom(s) one of my favorite AM products...their Beauty Balm.  This is another amazing all-in-one product with so many uses.  I love to use it on dry patches, sunburns, on my feet covered with a pair of socks at bedtime and on my knees and elbows.  My mom suffers from a little rosacea so I thought this product would be great for her to try.  It's so versatile!




I have always used Bath & Body Works hand soaps but now that I'm trying to rid my household of toxic products, I have switched our hand soaps to Meyer's and love it.  I was happy to introduce Meyer's products to my mom(s) and hope they love it too!  It's a super clean soap with a light fresh scent.




 My daughter and I have a bit of an obsession with Artisan Tropics products.  We love their Cassava Strips and Plantain Chips and eat them all the time.  They are so yummy dipped in pesto or guacamole and the perfect snack.  I gave each of my moms a bag to try and I know they'll love them as much as I do.



Here's another favorite snack when I'm needing something sweet.  These coconut butter cups from Eating Evolved are so good, full of clean ingredients, low in sugar, and a favorite treat in our house.  They have several flavors such as Classic, Caramel Sea Salt, Banana Cream and Mint Cream.


Here's another product I have talked about many times...Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.  I started using collagen peptides a little over a year ago and can't believe the difference in my hair, nails and skin!  I put 2 scoops in my coffee every morning and also in my kids' smoothies and protein shakes.  It's an awesome product!


 And because I have a total obsession, I had to include a succulent in the basket.  Succulents are the easiest plants to take care of!  They need a little sunlight and a tiny amount of water and then leave them alone.  So easy for anyone lacking a green thumb!  Indoor plants can be therapeutic and help detox the air in your house.


 I hope you can use your creativity and create a "My Favorite Things" basket for someone special in your life.  Most likely, they will be so impressed with the fact you took the time to create a unique gift!


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